Geek Chic

So last week, I was “blessed” with the opportunity to show off my knowledge with…(insert dramatic music)…MIDTERMS! Yep, even in a master’s program, we are subjected to being tested for the knowledge that they are giving us every day. My stress revolved around Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology…ya…I think I sound smart!

Now, I mention this wonderful (?) fact about testing because 1) I need to show an excuse as to why I didn’t write a post last week…and 2) to explain Grad Fashion.

Being a “Hip” Fashionista (just go with it), I love to doll myself up. I accessorize, I love dresses, and will occasionally stuff my feet in a pair of heels (torture devices). I work in an office that frowns upon pajamas (although, my Pillsbury Doughboy pants are wicked cool) and a lab that requires closed toe shoes (there goes my San Diego footwear). Thus, the excuse to dress well.

However, there comes a time in everyone’s life when how you look takes a backseat to what you know. This being one of those times. So, to give all of you folks out there a reassuring pat on the back that there IS“Geek Chic”, here are the acceptable perimeters of any hardworking Grad Student:

  1. Sweatpants and sweatshirts are standard.
  2. Wearing those same sweatpants and sweatshirts two days in a row is perfectly acceptable (and more then likely unnoticeable).
  3. Glasses instead of Contacts will save you time (and are super cute!).
  4. Make-up is optional…in fact, put down that eyeliner, you’re running late!
  5. The “Sleep Deprived” look is expected.
  6. Shoes without shoelaces will shave off at least two minutes.
  7. Random writing utensils in your hair not only save space in your bag, but are great in a Testing Situation (and, if you are talented, can keep your hair up!).
  8. Anything more then the above is considered, “Dressing Up”.

So, my fellow suffering Grad Students! Keep up the hard work, because when it comes right down to it, Brains are way sexier then what you are wearing!

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