Warning: Geek Moment Ahead

Now, going to grad school has its highs and lows. Some may consider the following as lows: late nights (sleep is for the dead…or the very lucky), ramen meals (luckily I love noodles), and learning words that you really can’t pronounce…(especially in the sciences). As to high…one of the coolest parts is being able to listen to firsthand research from people who are experts in their field.

The Toxicology program is administered through the Center for Environmental Medicine here at Colorado State University. They hold a monthly seminar series. I mention all of this because last week, we got to listen to the research of Steven Dow, DVM, PhD. He presented his most current research, the lecture being titled, “Connections Between the Immune System, Reactive Oxygen, and Antibiotic Therapy”.

Now hold on! Don’t get your eyes all glazed over just yet! This is some serious science here!

If you have yet to experience any kind of science seminar, then I can see where titles like the above or something similar can be kind of intimidating. The first time I went to something like this was as an undergrad and quite honestly…I only understood probably the intro…the fact there were cool pictures…and then maybe 10% of the conclusion. Most of the words were too complex and flew directly over my head.

After being forced (in the most loving way!) to constantly read current literature, understand the methodology, and be presented research throughout our coursework, we are much better prepared for these types of opportunities.  I’m proud to say that I understood 95% of what was going on! (HELL’S ya!).

So for all of you who are planning on a career in science, be prepared for moments when you feel like a king (or queen) when you understand EXACTLY what is going on…and accept the fact that there will still be times when you’re going to have to work at it.

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