Liking Where you Live

One of the most amazing things about Fort Collins is that every weekend there seems to be something going on. I’m from a big city on the West Coast and although one could argue that there was always something happening somewhere in the city, this didn’t always mean you would be able to find it. Fort Collins, on the other hand, is a perfect sized community to allow you to stumble upon something if you just leave your home.

Last Saturday, I decided I needed to escape my home for a few hours. I don’t know about you, but once I enter that place, it’s like a time suck. All my efforts to be productive go down the drain (and land on the bed where I will be asleep “napping” for 4 hours <– that’s a nap, swear). So, I decided that I was going to go downtown and find some cute café and study.

What lucky god was I born under? Instead of only finding a café, I found an entire FESTIVAL!! It was FORToberfest: Fort Collins’ version of Oktoberfest. Their tagline: Bikes, Bands, & Beer. Now, I might not be into ALL of those things, but it was WAY COOL!!! Fort Collins is a huge biking community. Believe me, most mornings I worry about being run over by a stampede of bicyclists on Campus, but A+ on the green living! This festival had all kinds of bikes (and bike providers) being shown off. I saw this 7 PERSON bike…with 7 people carrying different types of alcoholic beverages. They were fist-bumping to the music from one of the three stages where performances were going on (My fav of the day: BEATS NOIR!).

If that doesn’t sell you on the cool, imagine all of the yummy vendors lining downtown and all the families with their dogs tagging along just enjoying the perfect weather. It was a bit cooler for me (well…anything under 70oF is a bit chilly for me…I’m from SAN DIEGO PEOPLE), but the air was crisp, music was being played and I was enjoying the day all from the patio of this nifty café: red table café (they legitimately have ONE red table).

That’s one of the things we forget about when we’re choosing our programs: Where are we spending the next few years while we’re filling our heads with knowledge? For some people that might not be a huge thing. Cool. Gravy. For me, it plays a huge part in my decisions. I need to make sure that when I’m not studying, I am somewhere in the world that I will be happy. Fort Collins is VERY different from what I am use to (San Diego and Los Angeles? Ya, WAY different). But this city has a charm that is unique to itself. And although I complain about the weather (and even then, only when it gets into the imaginary numbers…like -7…that’s a fake number…right?), when the seasons come they paint the city with such a beautiful brush that sometimes I gasp in surprise.

There is something always going on, for the college-minded individual, family oriented soul, or someone like me, who just wants to try EVERYTHING (they have bike-in ß yes, as in BICYCLE movies…way wicked). I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next weekend…


  1. I’m so grateful I cam across your blog!! My husband and I are planning to relocate to Colorado after our lease here in West Covina, CA is up! We really can’t wait! If we had the money we would leave now! Thank you so much for posting what you did here.. It confirms everything I’ve been feeling when some people in my family try to put a damper on our move!

      • juvntina
      • September 26th, 2012

      Good! I’m glad this helped you. I know what a huge deal it is to relocate and since we are from the same coast I understand the trepidation of such a large move. Don’t let the nay-sayerss get you down! Fort Collins especially is very family oriented and with a College right in the middle of it, there is something ALWAYS happening (*cough cough* CSU’s Cans Around the Oval). Good luck on your move!

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    Seeing all these positive things about Colorado, Fort Collins, Denver, etc. just make me want to drop everything now and GO!!!

  3. We won’t trust! Lol every time I research or whatever I just fall in love with it more and more! I seriously can’t wait until November! lol Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

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