Toxicology and me!

My name is Tina De Giso and I have been in Colorado for a little over a year. Since late summer of 2011, I have been lucky enough to be able to slave away…err…work hard toward a Master’s in Science in Environmental Health, specializing in Toxicology here at Colorado State University. My hope is that through this blog and this upcoming year, I will be able to share all the craziness that comes with  finishing that process.

Now, as for a background on who I am: I am a hapa SoCal girl from the sunny city of San Diego, California (where it does. Not. Snow…). I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor in Science degree in Neuroscience from UCLA. I took two after graduation to work in a hospital in the radiology department. After working two years on the night shift (and boy, do I have crazy stories from that time…I love sick people), I decided that coming back to school was something I definitely wanted to pursue.

Why Toxicology? No…wait, the first question I always get is: what IS toxicology? For all of you uninitiated souls, toxicology is the study of how natural or man-made poisons cause adverse effects in living organisms. As to the why this program…? Well, my ultimate goal is to enter Medicine, and with my two years’ experience in Radiology, Toxicology seemed to be in line with what I went through. Diagnostic Medicine was like being surrounded by map readers of the body (except the maps where all made from radiation and written in a foreign language that I wanted to learn). Although I may have yet to have had the decoder ring for those maps, the program here has opened up so many other options on exploring and explaining what is going on in the body. Since coming here, I have had the opportunity to expand not only my knowledge in science (and my nerd impact factor is at least a 13 now), but have the pleasure of getting to know some A-MAZING faculty members. As large as my undergraduate school was, this program is unique in the fact that you truly get one-on-one time with your professors. They WANT the students not only to succeed, but to flourish. Regardless of where our end career goals are in life, they want to get us there.

As for my daily dose of life here at CSU here is an outline:

  1. Fall out of bed (the floor rushing to my face is a great wake-up call)
  2. Gym (yup, 6 days a week)
  3. Work (I work for an office on campus known as: Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement)
  4. Class (I AM a student)
  5. Lab (I am so blessed! I get to study PD in Dr. Tjalken’s lab. I LOVE THE BRAIN)
  6. Work (I work for our Department as a Student Coordinator)
  7. Work (I also work for a couple of business off-campus)
  8. Study (I AM A STUDENT!!)
  9. Cook (ya, I have to pack all my meals so that sometime in between all of THAT [insert exhausted pointing finger at the rest of the list] I can eat something)
  10. Sleep (if lucky)
  11. Repeat

So, I will say good-bye for now, but I look forward to sharing my adventures this year.


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