Traveling to Gifu

Heading out from Colorado on Mother’s Day, the CVMBS team arrived at Narita Airport late Monday night, a little stiff in the legs, but ready to hop on the train to Tokyo. The relatively quick passage requires a bit of cognitive rebooting. Before international air travel, when trips to Japan required weeks on seafaring vessels, the human brain could slowly adjust to the time and cultural changes. Now, we drop in with our brains still rooted in Fort Collins, and confetti from graduation still in our hair.

After a few hours sleep, it was up early, off to breakfast, and then on to catch a bullet train to Gifu. Max Matsuura, our Japan liaison and resident travel expert, manages to shepard everyone through crowded train stations, across busy inner city streets, and around seemingly impassable throngs of commuters. Thankfully, in the chaos, no one was lost.

Once in Gifu, we made our way to the medical hospital at Gifu University for lunch. Following lunch, Drs. Lance Perryman and Mark Stetter made brief remarks, then Dr. Ric Slayden reviewed his research in Francisella tularensis virulence and pathogenesis, a joint project with collaborators at Gifu. Dr. Bill Hanneman also presented on future collaborations with Gifu, including computational biology and global connectivity.

In the evening, Gifu hosted a traditional Japanese dinner and that was followed by a special invitation to President Mori’s home where the team was treated to traditional Japanese matcha tea and a celebration for Dr. Lance Perryman, current CVMBS Dean, as this will be his farewell tour with colleagues in Japan, many of whom he’s worked with for more than five years in establishing research, teaching and outreach collaborations with the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Tomorrow morning, it’s back on the bullet train headed to Tokyo and an evening wth NIRS President Yonekura.

  1. Very cool Carol – I’ll send along in social media and wait for some great photos!

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