First Place and Farewells

Hey all, I’m writing again to fill everyone in on how the science fair turned out and also to say farewell. This was a great opportunity for me to give faculty, students, the surrounding community, and prospective students an idea of what we do at CSU. I suppose this is my time to act the PR man…CSU is truly an incredible place that offers countless opportunities that one may not find elsewhere. Whether it’s working with human cadavers in an anatomy course or working with middle schoolers and their science fair projects, I’ve been immersed in a host of unique and challenging opportunities that I’ll carry with me wherever I end up. Subsequently, consider the other faction who are involved with this unique opportunity: the middle schoolers! What a fantastic experience to have before even entering high school. I didn’t have the opportunity to be involved with working in a college lab, doing virtually the same work that college¬† microbiology majors were doing, but I know that I would have been ecstatic to observe microbes.

But anyway, enough about me. This project, like all of education, is about the students. I am happy to tell you that Jack received a first place award for his poster and presentation of his project concerning microbial digestion of grass. It was extremely rewarding for Maddie, Bianca, and I to see Jack’s excitement when working with him, and his growing understanding and comprehension about what we were doing as the project progressed. A huge key to his success was his desire to be in the lab and to be challenged. I have a sneaking suspicion that we may have helped recruit another microbiology major. All in all, I am very grateful for the experience, as both the middle schoolers and the college students came away with personal growth and achievement.

As for me, this is my farewell. The science fair is done, and thus my blogging material. There may, however, be another opportunity for me in the future which I look forward to. A big “Thank You” to all of my readers and followers. As always, good night and good luck.

    • Meg
    • January 5th, 2011

    Hooray for Jack (and for Ryan is capable assistant). And thank you to all who participate and who wrote about it.

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