El Fin

WARNING: This is my last post, visa-vi it will be corny and mushy. If the movie Titanic or hallmark cards make you nauseas please do not continue.

Hello there everyone! No, I did not forget about you all, I’ve just been busy moving around (finally at my final place!). In my last days in the lab we had been working on DCPS, we sent in some samples for sequencing and unfortunately did not get anything successful. We also ran a couple more PCRs on DCPS and DCP2 and yesterday we sent in some more samples of DCPS for sequencing. The PCR on DCPS did work; I think that in the end we finally got that stage of DCPS down, though unfortunately the PCR on DCP2 did not work.

In the end I was able to understand how to get good PCR results on both DCPS and DCP1 and a good looking protein gel on DCP1. I was not able to successfully purify any proteins but even being able to successfully synthesize DCP1 makes me happy!

I would like to thank everyone in the Wilusz lab for helping me with this fellowship: Alan, Jeff, Fumi, Emily, Kevin, Ashley, Sai, Carolina, Alexa, Amber, Jerome, John, Stephanie, and Carol. I really enjoyed working in the lab for this fellowship and I am grateful for the opportunity to have done so. I would also like to thank Erin and Jes for letting me contribute to this awesome blog! And I would like to thank Alan for putting up with me all summer and for teaching me so much in the lab!

The end of each experience brings about a beginning to a new one. Most fear this transition because of the unknown obstacles that lie ahead, though with all the advice given to me from my friends in the Wilusz lab I feel confident and ready to take on new challenges. Thank you so much for everything!

And thank you to all the readers that have followed my experience in the lab! Research is something I recommend to everyone, it’s something new, interesting, and very rewarding to try. Farewell for now everyone.

Becca T

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