Body World

Aloha everyone! No, I’m not in Hawaii; I just wanted to start with something new. It turns out that the re PCR of DCPS seems to have worked so we started the ligation process yesterday.

Today Alan and I did not go into the lab, but instead went to go to the Body World exhibit. The exhibit was so cool! And I was less creeped out then I thought I would be (double bonus)! It was all put together so artistically and you get so engrossed in it that you almost forget that all the displays were real people. It was interesting to learn and see all these things about the heart and body and even think, hey I learned that in biology! (Yes, I am that nerdy). I think the creepiest/coolest part there was the baby fetus exhibit. You could see what a fetus looks like at different stages of a pregnancy, and I was born almost two months early, so it was neat to see how small I was. Going from that small to over six feet tall must have knocked my parents off there cahoots! But Body World was truly amazing and I would like to thank Alan and his dad for letting me tag along!

Other than that, things have been relatively slow. My last day of the fellowship is next Friday, so next Thursday will be my last post. And I have no internet where I am staying at the moment, so I will try my very best to post this Thursday. Until next time, Aloha!

Becca T

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