Bread Pudding Doesn’t Belong There

Yesterday was no ordinary day in the lab, well out of the lab to be exact. We all took a hike up Horsetooth for some lab bonding time. The view was beautiful! And the slight overcast was perfect to keep us cool. Jeff was uber giddy to bring his doggy Hank, and everyone made it up and down safe and sound (double points for rhyming – sort of). After the hike, Jeff and Carol were kind enough to treat us to Famous Dave’s BBQ. It was all so delicious, and Kevin, Fumi, and Emily were able to down a family feast at the expense of their health. At least they still have their pride. I got to try bread pudding for the first time, and might I say no amount of therapy will ever make that experience ok. It may be the fact I don’t really like the taste of soggy french toast, but it could also be the fact that it was coming out of my nose from laughing to hard. Either way, that might be the first and last time I have that eastern coast delicacy. A hard night’s sleep and a few ulcers later lead us to today.

Today in the lab Alan and I have restarted on DCPS and DCP2. We did an RT PCR on both and then a re PCR on
both. As I wont be in tomorrow, Alan will run some gels tomorrow to see if we got the fragments of our enzymes or not. On that note I bid you all adieu, and have a great weekend!

Becca T

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