Bad Danny

Holy guacamole! Where did the time go!? Sorry about the skipped post everyone, but I’m finally at house 1 of 3 of the places I will be until the fall. I’m very thankful my friend Justine let me crash at her place for a week! Well now back to business!

So we got our DCPS sequenced and unfortunately it doesn’t seem there is a fit. We haven’t had the time to look at the sequence of XRN1, but that one’s pretty stubborn so I don’t have my hopes up for that. We ran a protein gel on our purification of DCP1 and LSM1 and there is a possibility something is there, but the band is really faint so we are going to have to find a way to concentrate it more.

And today I had a lab presentation which went pretty well. I think.  I made these little cartoons and made some of the lab laugh pretty hard because one of my cartoons looked,well let’s just say I shouldn’t have added yellow in a certain place I did and it made it look like Danny the DNA was relieving himself! oops. Hahahaha. I said a couple of wrong things, but eh, I tried my best and there were only a few sly remarks.  Also, I brought caprisun and cookies (always a classic) which turned out to be a hit (score).

Well I am off to go finish organizing/unpacking! I hope everyone’s week is nice and I’ll post again Thursday!

Becca T

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