Radiation Station

Hey all!

So, this is our last week here.  Which means i’ll probably post once more (if that) after this one.  I figured I’d post some good pictures of the equipment and facilities that we’ve gotten to see here.  I can’t tell you how many radiation warning signs-which are very similar to ones in the US- are posted everywhere.  As is Japanese custom, we take off our shoes and step into slippers when entering a person’s home.  Well, for certain rooms and areas at NIRS, we do the same thing.  Notice, the fashionable yellow slippers that we get to wear when in the HIMAC research center (see picture).  I inquired about how they choose which rooms to change shoes and which rooms you don’t and I’ve determined that it’s relatively random.  Almost all of the culturing and lab rooms require that you change slippers…sometimes entire floors or even buildings require it.  However, most offices don’t require that you take your shoes off but some do.  My thoughts on this topic initially would not go away but when I could come up with no answer, I eventually settled for the fact that it’s just random.

Anyway, enough about shoes.  The pictures below show our visit to the HIMAC treatment & research facilities (separate areas) and a few other random pictures of NIRS.

Check ya lata!


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