Nearing the end of the summer in ND…

Only a week left!  It’s unbelievable that I’ll soon be headed back to Fort Collins, to continue with the daily grind.  Lindsey is headed out on Friday, so I’ll be on my own at the cabin for a few days, before my parents arrive for a quick tour of Medora and Theodore Roosevelt park.  Sometimes, riding the range is required every week to find all the horses participating in the fertility control study.  This last week I’ve gone out with some fellow researchers, Al and his wife Jennifer.  It’s been a blast to be riding again, and Lindsey has loaned me her horse Colonel a few times as well!  Riding through the park can be a great way to cover a lot of ground quickly, although the wild bands definitely take more notice of riders on horses.  Once a band is sighted, it’s often necessary to hobble the riding horses and proceed on foot to get closer to the feral horses.  In August, I’ll be presenting on part of the project at the Merck/Merial veterinary scholars symposium in Georgia, so I’m starting to work on getting the materials for my poster together in between searching for bands in the park.  I’ll be sure to post once more before I leave Medora!

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