Getting Out of the Classroom

After spending a day learning about chemical immobilization and anesthesia of wildlife in the classroom, the students of Envirovet 2010 got to get out in the field and try it for ourselves!  Amelie and I woke up at 5:30 this morning and quickly ate breakfast in the Lake Lodge.  Then we boarded vans and headed towards the animal enclosures.  On the schedule for today: physical exam and hoof trims of 2 zebra and a bongo, and the collection of semen from a gerenuk.  We divided into 4 teams and each were assigned a task: intubation, heart and respiration monitoring, temperature monitoring, catheterization, and injections.  We quickly realized the need for the early start – the heat by 7:15 a.m. came as a surprise to us all!  We survived, the animals survived, and we’ve got some great pictures to prove it!

Monitoring anesthesia for semen collection on a gerenuk

Yesterday we learned the basics of field immobilization, including dart making, rifle shooting, and gun and drug safety.  I got to fill and assemble my very first dart!  I also got to practice shooting them out of blow pipes and rifles.  I was pleasantly surprised to see I even made my target a few times (maybe I could make it in the bush!)
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