Horses, horses everywhere!

Time is flying by, and we continue to observe reproductive behaviors among the horses in the park.  Plus, two foals were born this past week!  We’ve been collecting a lot of data for the fertility-control study, and it will be exciting to see some results once the data is reviewed.  Portions of the study fall under the classification of good laboratory practices (GLP).  On GLP data sheets (such as the one where we evaluate any injection site reactions from the vaccine), we have to use a specific type of pen, and any mistakes must be crossed out with a single line, and include the reason for the mistake, our initials, and the date.  The injection site sheet also includes areas to input each mare’s specific code for identification, their body condition score (ranging from 1-10, with 5 being optimal), which stallion they were observed with, and whether they appear pregnant or not.  There are about 15 bands in the park, with around 100 horses in total, and all the mares must be evaluated once a week.  Occasionally a mare will disappear from one band, only to reappear with a different stallion!  Mares will also leave a band for a period of time to have their foal, so we make sure to keep on the lookout for new arrivals when this occurs.  I’ve included some more horse pictures (anyone getting tired of horses yet?  🙂 ), but will try my best to add some varying flora and fauna to picture posts.

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